The New SEO techniques of 2020 that guarantees optimal results

SEO web positioning is advancing practically daily. Just as if it were a sprout that goes through all phases of life; it is born, becomes a child, then a teenager and now an adult who tells you how to do things and if you don’t do it right it punishes you, almost always with reason. That said, and after all the algorithmic updates from online search engines (more than 500 a year are estimated), you either renew yourself or your web project, and your way of doing SEO will take you to spend time and nothing else.

In this blog, I will share with you the valid SEO techniques you should practice this year that will guarantee optimal results for your page. They are:

Content remains king

Online search engines are rewarding the quality content offered by web pages. It likes the length of the article; this explains why a  2000-word content will be better than a 500 one. Not containing gibberish, but explaining and answering questions asked by users, so that both answering questions that users demand will be a success.

Why is content so important? They give priority to well-written content, without spelling mistakes and of a certain length. But these search engines online will not just search for that, it will search for synonyms, will do semantic searches, will compare related keywords, used images, videos, explanatory infographics, surveys, frequently asked questions etc. that is, content that is capable of transmitting a clear and specialised response to the user, if you meet these guidelines, Mr online Search engine will love you a little more, but you know, if you create good content and your website is not optimised, you will have problems, here everything is important, remember that SEO like Raúl, the Madrid legend, was not the best at anything but he was one of the best players, so like Raúl he takes care of all aspects of your website to the maximum and investigates what your weaknesses are for to get better.

Social networks

Online search engines already take into account (and a lot) the publications that are most shared on social networks, from this data determines if a publication has a certain quality.

What is clear is that after the great traffic generated by social networks, many websites have benefited from advanced search engine positions, so considering an SEO strategy without social networks is a clear mistake.

Social networks are going to become the best showcase for your content, well, in fact, they already are, so I recommend you start creating your fan pages to share your fabulous quality content.

Mobile devices

If your website is not optimised for mobile devices, you are in danger. This is not because online search engines penalise you (which also) but because users who come to your website will not be able to consult your content easily, they will have many problems and will leave to another website that they can read and interact better.

One fact to keep in mind is that approximately 70% of searches are through mobile devices, and it is increasing, so search engines online are putting special emphasis on this issue, rewarding those who adapt and penalising those who do not. They do it; in fact, it has a tool for you to check if your website is optimised for mobile devices or not; here you have the link “Mobile optimisation tool.”

Local positioning

You can not miss the opportunity to position yourself locally, especially if you are a small or medium business, it can be the best way out to brutal competition in the markets.

If you dedicate yourself to setting up events, you can use “events in Madrid” or “Madrid event” and try to position yourself as well as possible locally. You must register in directories.

Keep in mind that mobile searches are characterised by being local, especially in terms of shops or establishments, so being well-positioned locally in your sector will be a competitive advantage over your competition.

Loading speed

Loading speed is a determining factor for online search engines and for the user experience, the pages that take less time to serve the content are rewarded in the face of SEO, so we will have to pay special attention to this point.

Optimise all the images you use, don’t use too many style sheets (CSS) or too many JS (JavaScript), optimise the HTML code and if you use any content manager like WordPress, avoid installing too many plugins, use only the necessary ones.

The server you use to host your website must have sufficient resources to display your website quickly, to give you an idea, the server response from 200 milliseconds search engines online turns on the alerts.

If you apply these SEO techniques, you will be able to improve your web positioning in a constant way and be safe from penalties. It is true that you will not advance as fast as if you hired an experienced NZ SEO company, but you will be on the way to satisfy your visitors and, as we have seen, it is online search engines’ 1st priority.

In the event that you want to improve a website that is already running, you must carry out an SEO audit to determine its status and the actions to be carried out.

We have already reached the end of the article. Now you have to put into practice everything you have learned.