Lawyers in The Gold Coast Area

Gold Coast area lawyers are there to help if you need affordable advice or representation. Their experienced and professional teams on the Gold Coast are on your side. Go to Court Gold Coast Lawyers are local and know how the local laws and courts apply. They cover all surroundings absorbs of the Gold Coast.

To make your appointment easy, you should call their legal hotline number for a no-obligation discussion with a qualified and experienced lawyer. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with a Gold Coast lawyer by using their online booking tool.

They practice the following areas of law:

  1. Criminal

A conviction can have significant consequences. Even a minor offence can have an impact on your career and your family, as well as limiting your employment prospects. It is then essential to understand exactly what your rights are before you speak with the police. Particularly, this should be done before you present at court. Obtaining good legal advice early will maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome. Your lawyer can help you to decide whether you want to fight the charge or plead guilty. A lawyer will help you through the complex and intimidating process of the criminal justice system. Good legal representation can mean having a charged dropped or reduced.

  1. Family and divorce

The emotional and financial toll demanded by family law issues can be high. If you are facing separation, child custody or divorce, your world can feel upside down. Getting the right advice can help you get on top of it becomes overwhelming. Their Gold Coast team are family lawyers that can guide you through the family law process. They provide you with expert advice and help put your matter behind you, so you can get on with life. Their experienced Gold Coast lawyers appear in both Family and Federal Circuit Courts. They work hard to resolve your issues promptly and often without costly litigation.

  1. Civil Law

Civil law is an area of legal practice which covers many types of legal matters. These include debt, recovery, employment issues, Wills and estates, bankruptcy, commercial and residential leasing, and litigation. Dealing with any civil law matter can be stressful. The legal processes involved can often be difficult to know where to start. There are different rules which apply depending on the court or tribunal. It can be difficult to know where to start. Often the best outcome is that which avoids costly courts and litigation. This comes through skilled alternative dispute resolution and strong legal advice. Legal advice obtained early in the process lets you know exactly where you stand so that you can make a judgment call on how to proceed.

  1. Drink Driving

A drinking or drug driving charge is serious. Besides the risk to yourself and others, a charge can mean the loss of your license. Repeat offenders often face prison. Even more so if the drink or drug driving results in serious injury or death.  Many people faced with a drink or drive charge have not had any experience with the criminal justice system. Facing the consequences can be stressful and daunting.

  1. Compensation law

Queensland’s personal injury laws are challenging. This is why they are there to help clients.

Go to Gold Coast lawyers, they will work with you each step of the way.