Family Law in Brisbane

Family law is complicated with far-reaching effects if not handled with attention and with professionals it deserves. As a law firm, it only makes sense to a resilient team of lawyers who focus on family law issues alone. Family legal matters are so intense that it only calls for skilled and experienced family lawyers to handle matters in the lives of common men daily. From divorce, battering, inheritance and the list is endless. People come knocking on the door of the numerous legal firms every day with family issues.

When a relationship ends, it does so and leaves blatant ramifications to the victims, and it can get worse if not solved amicably or handled by seasoned lawyers with a broad insight of family matters. It can get messy and lead to casualties, emotional damage and despair, prolonged court battles which siphons the pockets of parties involved, and even worse, lives being destroyed or put on hold. In matters to do with divorce, for example, no winners and no losers, a successful divorce is about parties recollecting their pieces and moving on with another dimension of living while resolving their differences with minimal differences and upheavals. A court battle is not the answer to divorces but a sense of equity where material substances are involved and can be settled amicably out of the courts. Would you rather be positive about a divorce and say words like ‘Thanks for the time we have had’ or ‘It has been a long journey and experience, I think right now it is the time for us to part ways’, it sounds better if you are the type that wants to fall consciously out of love with respect, dignity and grace. Dignified divorce allows parties to separate and convene the process with respect for each other while still minimising the cost. Stone Group have opened up a family law firm in Brisbane to help families in this situation.

Parenting after separation

Some laws govern parenting in the family law act. The same law that takes action on matters to do with divorce still takes care of parenting matters for divorced parents. It says that both parents should share equal responsibility for the children parenting, this goes for important decisions that need to be arrived at relating the children. The decisions, for example, may involve matters to do with schooling and healthcare for the children. But there are instances where the courts may allow substantial time either of the parents when other factors relating to children is taken into account. The situation where one of the parents cannot come to an understanding to contribute equally to the raising of the kids due to work conditions or health conditions. In that scenario, the judge may rule in favour of the mother up to the age of consent, which is 18 years, but the subject and different from country to country.

Fundamentals related to children matters

The courts ensure that all parents are equally involved in the raising of the children, either material thing and or time spent with the children. The law ensures that the children are protected from harm all the time. The law ensures the children are given proper parenting and assist them in pursuing their dreams and achieving their full potential. The law ensures that parents are obligated to fulfil the responsibilities of raising the kids. The law allows the children to know the person who contributed to their development.